At K Health we are on a mission to give everyone access to smarter answers and quality health care that costs dramatically less.

We’ve built the most informed primary care platform in existence, combining the knowledge of thousands of doctors with deep clinical data from around the world. By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to medicine, we are solving the healthcare inequities of access and affordability and constructing the future of care for us all.

Since our founding in 2016, K Health has raised over $270M in VC funding and our recent valuation brought us to Unicorn status.

Our approach is unique in that we combine doctors, mathematicians, data scientists, data architects, and engineers work together to create a complex, challenging, consumer-facing product. K Health is an exciting, accelerating workplace, and there's no better time to join the team than right now. We are building a team of energetic, forward thinking software developers to ensure that our software architecture supports and helps drive the dramatic growth we expect.


  • Implement and be accountable for specific configuration implementations that developers are not required for.
  • Work within an agile process with cross-technical agile squads through agile ceremonies, meetings, issue-tracking systems, e-mail, and team channels.
  • Design and spec out configuration implementations and changes that accurately reflect how to best achieve business goals and requirements set out by product owners.
  • Collaborate with internal Salesforce team including through scheduled team meetings, to keep each other up to date on ongoing and future work in the org, stay up-to-date on team processes, and answer questions.
  • Follow architectural direction of the org and working approach directed by supervisors.
  • Communicate with product team members, squad technical leads, stakeholders to understand their needs, how Salesforce could add value, and get buy-in on solutions that will be win-wins
  • When available, collaborate within the salesforce team and across squads to pick up configuration work needed by other squads.
  • Communicate implementation designs to senior salesforce team members for review, making sure that any large potential changes are signed-off before bringing to product
  • Collaborate with members of the QA team to resolve communication issues and move work forward through the QA or UAT process.
  • Independently learn about different existing systems within the org, documenting any gaps along the way, and plan out feature changes and bug fixes to properly account for that existing work.
  • Review and maintain specified org documentation
  • Develop training material and as requested assist in training of new resources
  • Identify different out of the box features that can be leveraged to save money on core business processes without heavy developer investment
  • Identify compatible third party tools that would be a net value add as the above


This full-time role offers competitive compensation; health, dental, and vision insurance; a 401k plan; and 15 annualized days of paid vacation.