K Health is transforming the world of medicine as we know it and it will touch many people's lives. At K Health - doctors, mathematicians, data scientists, data architects, and engineers work together to create a complex, challenging, consumer-facing product and we need smart, forward thinking people to take us to the next step. We are looking for a senior software engineer & tech lead who will design, implement, and own our medical-knowledge data-infrastructure solutions.


Cross organizational creation and design of K’s clinical knowledge databases.

Manage the data-model, data architecture, and data objects which are the heart of K’s medical infrastructure incorporating data from multiple internal and external data sources, in a centralized area, while managing its retention and quality.

Create innovative solutions for normalizing and modeling our data - which involves automatic, unsupervised understanding and entity resolution, into ontologies, taxonomies, and semantically complete information.

Work closely with physicians, software engineers, analysts, and data scientists to create data applications and solutions, as well as streamlining data access and modeling based on well-engineered development processes.

Design and implement technology solutions to protect K’s customers data and privacy, using rigorous data isolation and security technologies - such as de-identification pipelines, data obfuscation etc.

Here is what it will take to do your role well:

  • Experience with implementing highly connected DB schemas or Graph DS
  • Ability and inclination to dive deep into the medical data domain - in order to find solutions to complex data engineering problems
  • Strong collaborative spirit - able to work closely with software engineers, data scientists, physicians and analysts in designing solutions, while acting as the data engineering authority
  • Strong execution skills - profound data manipulation experience using the following languages: Python, PSQL, MSSQL, GraphQL
  • Experience working with multiple DB types (BigQuery, SQLserver, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc.)
  • Strong Advantage: Experience working with medical data and EMRs
  • Advantage: Familiarity with medical ontologies (UMLS, OHDSI, snomed-ct, LOINC, RxNorm etc.) and with standard medical protocols (HL7, FHIR, p360).
  • Advantage: Experience as a tech lead in projects with multiple engineers and stakeholders

You’ll probably also be very comfortable with many of the following technologies:

  • Python development experience
  • Airflow
  • Kafka event streams and schema
  • Advantage: backend development, microservices, API’s etc.
  • Advantage: Cloud-based development for Data infra (GCP preferred) - using a combination of managed services and self-developed/integrated solutions
  • Advantage: Familiarity with Machine Learning concepts, and maybe even some hands-on model training and testing experience
  • Advantage: Familiarity with Kubernetes, Docker, monitoring, logging, and other DevOps tools