About Us:

In 2016, We gathered a small group of technologists and doctors together and started discussing some pretty big questions:

  1. How can we make it easier for everyone to find personalized healthcare information?
  2. How can we remove barriers that limit access to quality healthcare from doctors?
  3. Could consumer-focused technology ultimately improve health outcomes?
  4. Why don’t individuals take more control of their health information?

At K, we’ve spent the last four years building products and services to address those questions and create a better healthcare experience for consumers, and we’ve built an amazing team to do just that. We aspire to use data and technology to deliver smarter, more personalized healthcare information, and increase access to quality care that costs dramatically less and leads to better outcomes. We still have a long way to go, but with hundreds of thousands of users joining our platform every month, you have an opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare as we build the most sophisticated healthcare platform and make K the home for the world’s primary health needs.

Job Description:

Your role is to obsess over the care of our users. We’re looking for a medical professional with an extensive clinical acumen and dedicated passion for excellence who can help us revolutionize how healthcare is delivered.

You’ll join our Medical team owning several responsibilities including, but not limited to, auditing case transcripts, hosting training sessions, shadowing new hires during initial shifts and upholding medical performance throughout the Practice to deliver best in class user experience.

What you’ll do -- Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Practice Administration

  • Ensure all pharmacy communications are addressed in real time
  • Liaison between Operations and Medical teams
  • Support training efforts

Clinician Support

  • Lead pre-shift huddles with all clinicians; ensure timeline attendance
  • Be a domain expert & answer any questions clinicians have while on shift
  • Communicate daily with physicians to maximize utilization and effectiveness
  • Think on your feet to devise creative solutions to problems that arise or escalate, as appropriate

Quality Assurance

  • Audit select cases for medical and culture appropriateness to reinforce safe care and an unparalleled user experience
  • Communicate daily with team lead and physicians to maximize utilization and effectiveness
  • Think on your feet to devise creative solutions to problems that arise or escalate, as appropriate
  • Contribute to identifying ways to build safety guardrails natively into the product
  • Perform against challenging goals with a best-in-class team for the efficiency & quality of work


  • You have 3-5 years of clinical work experience as Advance Practice Provider or RN; management role(s) a plus
  • You demonstrate an ability to think analytically and deduct clinical insights
  • You are constructive, consistent and influential
  • You are dedicated to improving care and are confident in your ability to innovate in the digital space
  • You are proactive, organized, detail-oriented and a natural multi-tasker
  • You have strong communication skills, verbal and written
  • You are resourceful with an innate ability to problem solve
  • You are never satisfied with the status quo -- you stop at nothing to deliver unparalleled service